Top 5 Best Cat Window Perches You Can Buy

Most cats will tell you, in their way, that they love to be as high as possible. (It seems to have something to do with predator/prey instincts.) A cat perch not only gives them a vantage, yet in addition allows them to observe the outside world so they can salivate at the squirrels and birds passing by. A cat perch is especially useful on the off chance that you don’t have window sills.

As we continued looking for the best cat window perch, we looked for perches that support any sized cat, reliably attach, and offer a comfortable vantage. Our favorite is the AMOSIJOY Cordless Cat Window Perch, which comes with two covers suitable for different seasons and an overlay-up design that’s easy to use. Be that as it may, there are several other cat window perches we also love, which might work even better for your cat.

1. AMOSIJOY Cat Window Perch

This window perch uses four heavy-obligation suction cups to hold up a stainless steel frame, which then becomes the support for zoom-on texture covers. The suction cups are beefy at 3.3 inches across, and you can press on the nut bolt fastening the cup to the frame, which helps squeeze out extra air to create a stronger seal. Unlike numerous other suction cup perches, this one doesn’t use wire guidelines, which makes it easier for your cat to use it without having to negotiate around the perch’s supports.

2. Mau Houdini Cat Shelf

Designed for drywall, the Mau Houdini Floating Cat Shelf is an attractive perch with a minimalist look. It comes with four drywall anchors, permitting it to support 24 pounds. The Mau Houdini has a rigid felt platform suspended between two rods, which makes for a comfy place for your cat to stand or lie down, but at the same time is a little awkwardly positioned between a solid perch and a cushioning hammock. The felt surface itself is replaceable and can be vacuumed or cleaned with a build-up roller.

3. K&H Pet Products Double Stack Window Mount Kitty Sill

The suction cups on the K&H Pet Products EZ Window Mount Kitty Sill are industrial strength and able to hold as much as 100 pounds apiece. The two levels are capable of supporting two cats, however the Double Stack is also a great pick for single-cat households, since it provides a pass-through between levels, permitting your cat to move vantage points and play. The Double Stack version of the EZ Window Mount Kitty Sill has six suction cups altogether.

4. Fukumaru Wall-Mounted Cat Hammock

Like the Mau Houdini, this is another wall-mounted perch. It’s more of a classic wood design than the modernist Mau and has a deeper hammock that a cat can twist up in. The Fukumaru hammock can support as much as 40 pounds. It comes with mounting hardware for both drywall and masonry — it even includes a drill bit. The dense rubberwood is a welcome alternative to plastic, yet it does look a little rough — like untreated, natural wood. It might work for some decor esthetics, yet all at once not all.

5. Mewoofun Cat Perch

Put your power tools away, the Mewoofun Cat Window Perch is designed to connect to a window sill with two hooks, a level for balance, and two legs underneath for support. It’s available in five variety combinations and the frame, made of engineered wood, is adjustable. The lightweight hammock can be connected to other surfaces, such as a desk, and can support as much as 40 pounds of kitty relaxation.

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