Top 5 Best Hammocks for Your Cat’s Next Catnap

Cats need a space where they can lounge around and feel comfortable, which gives them a good spot to scope out their surroundings. They are attracted to high spaces, offering them the chance to scout without getting involved in the fight. Hammocks are a great method for giving your cat safety and comfort without taking up too much space in your home.

“Hammocks provide the cat with an enclosed or wrapped feeling and this helps them feel safe and secure,” Cat Behaviorist, Mieshelle Nagelschneider. told The Spruce Pets.

1. Fukumaru Breathable Cat Hammock

The Fukumaru Breathable Cat Hammock has a birch-compressed wood frame that supports a hammock made of breathable colored twill. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and can support as much as 40 pounds. With a 21-inch length, it’s long enough for most cats to enjoy, yet larger cats will not be able to completely sprawl out.

It’s also one of the easiest hammocks to deploy, with a quick assembly and a frame that’s easy to move anywhere. The texture hammock is removable and machine washable too.

2. Trixie Baza Grande Cat Tree

The Trixie Baza Scratching Post with Hammock uses two scratching post pillars to support its plush hammock basket. Each of the two scratching posts is wrapped in sisal, which can hold up to a ton of scratching, and is also easy to replace yourself.

The hammock on the Trixie Baza is a little more structured than most, with a metal edge that keeps its fake fur “bucket” round and welcoming. Our volunteer tester cat enjoyed the fluffy interior, yet a little annoying there’s no method for removing the cover to wash it — expect a well-loved hammock to collect a great deal of hair.

3. JOYELF Cat Hammock Bed

The JOYELF Cat Hammock Bed is a classic hanging hammock, which means you need a place to install it. With four metal clasps — one at each corner — finding a home for it tends to be a little tricky. However, on the off chance that you have a kennel, cage, or catio the JOYELF should be a cinch to get set up.

Our favorite feature in this hammock is the double-sided bed, with one smooth and one fluffy side. The fluffy side is great for chilly climate snuggling, while the smooth side is more appropriate for hot weather (plus it’s water-resistant and easier to clean). On the off chance that you put the whole hammock inside of a washing pack, it’s even machine washable.

4. Fukumaru Wall-Mounted Cat Hammock

Fukumaru creates minimalist cat decor using wood-grain finishes like this cat hammock is made with sturdy rubberwood. The wood construction makes this hammock extremely durable, and able to hold as much as 40 pounds. It’s also suitable for a wide range of walls and comes with mounting hardware for both masonry walls and drywall.

The comfortable canvas texture can be removed and is machine washable. There’s even an extra-large version for bigger cats.

5. Go Pet Club Cat Tree

When we tested more than 25 cat trees, the Go Pet Club 62″ Classic Cat Tree earned high scores, especially for its features-packed design and toughness. It’s got so numerous interactive elements — a play tunnel, hanging rope, multiple platforms, and a hideout — that it’s an especially good pick for households with multiple cats. It also incorporates two different hammocks: a low-hanging hammock that’s easily accessible, and a higher “basket” bed where your cat can observe their vast kingdom.

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