Top 5 Best Commercial Truck Insurance

There are around 3.49 million truck drivers in the United States, according to the latest numbers from the American Trucking Association. With that many trucks traveling on our roads, it’s no big surprise that there is a need to find the best commercial truck insurance possible.

Like personal auto insurance, commercial truck inclusion can give a mix of risk, collision, and comprehensive inclusion. In contrast to personal auto inclusion, however, commercial truck insurance needs higher inclusion limits to represent heavier and more important vehicles, as well as the cargo they pull.

1. Progressive

According to the Insurance Information Institute, Progressive is the largest commercial auto insurer in the United States, providing inclusion to over 16% of the overall market. They offer commercial truck policies in each of the 50 states with inclusion accessible to various vehicles, including box trucks, tow trucks, heavy transports, dump trucks, concrete trucks, waste vehicles, conveyance trucks, and even frozen yogurt trucks.

2. Sentry

Sentry has been providing trusted commercial insurance inclusion since 1904. However this carrier is on the smaller side of commercial truck insurance, they offer inclusion in every one of the 50 states through their organization of 65 agencies, all of which specialize in trucking.

Sentry believes in customizing the insurance experience, tailoring their commercial truck inclusion to fabricate the very policy you want, regardless of whether you’re a single sole proprietor.

3. The Hartford

Our top pick for the best armada inclusion is The Hartford, a carrier that has been around since 1810. The Hartford offers commercial insurance security in every one of the 50 states to single vehicles and fleets the same, however shines with regards to mitigating risk for commercial fleets.

Through The Hartford, you can purchase general responsibility, property, workers comp, umbrella, and excess risk inclusion for your commercial trucks.

4. CoverWallet

If you’re looking around for affordable commercial truck insurance, shopping through an aggregator platform like CoverWallet may be a decent spot to start. This organization earns our gesture for the best worth by offering customers the capacity to get instant quotes from various carriers, for a great many trucks and inclusion options.

Established in 2015, CoverWallet aims to make the insurance-buying process easier for commercial customers with the assistance of computer-based intelligence.

5. State Farm

Whether you’re looking to insure a single commercial truck or a whole armada, State Farm is our suggestion on the off chance that you’re looking for the best customer service experience. They procured the second spot for overall customer satisfaction in the 2022 J.D. Power U.S. Small Commercial Insurance Study and got fewer consumer complaints than anticipated for its piece of the pie in 2022, according to the NAIC.

Through State Farm, customers can purchase commercial truck insurance for single or armada pickup trucks, box trucks, heavy transports, and more.

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